LeAne Austin, RN, EOLD, NEDA Proficient

Wing‚Äčed Journey Life Care 


End-of-Life Doula Care Services

Client, Family and Community Education and Support

Knowledge is a powerful thing!

Let me provide you with some education that may: 

*promote physical, mental and 

  emotional health

*improve communications with others 

* increase understanding of the 

   process of aging and end-of-life

* help to recognize the signs of stress, 

   it's causes, and ways to manage 


* support individuals, families and 

   teams during change, loss and grief

Learning is growing

End-of-Life Care

*What is Hospice and Palliative Care?

*The Difference Between Doula Care, Hospice and Palliative Care

*Planning a "Good Death"

*Talking About the "D" Words

*Writing an Ethical Will

*Introduction to Home Funerals and Viewings

*Coping When You Lose a Pet

* Understanding Changes as We Age

*Creating Memorials and Obituaries

*Other end-of-life topics

Special Team-Focused Topics

*COVID Survival Skills

*Life Change, Loss and Grief

*The Four Agreements: Keys to Effective Communication

*Helping Families Communicate

*Validation Communication

*Stress Self-Assessment

*Other care provider/care community care topics

Personal Health Management

*Advance Care Planning: More than CPR

*Creative Cooking for Special Diets

*Talking to Your Health Care Provider

*Home Safety - Slips, Trips and Falls

*Creating a Home Care "Care Plan"

*Safe Medication Management

*Alternatives to Medication in Pain Management

*Exercise is for Everyone

*Disease-specific classes

*Healthy Body/Healthy Mind

*Other health topics

Mental Health and Wellness

*Stress Management Basics

*Tips for Managing Anxiety

*Life Stress Inventory

*Using Coping Strategies

*5-Minute Meditations

*Body Scan Basics

*Food and Mood: The Impact of Nutrition

*Psychological/Mental Health First Aid Concepts

*Nature as Therapy

*Other topics focused on Mental Health

Let me know your topics of interest

Please let me know about any topics that interest you and I am happy to provide a presentation for you, your friends, family, co-workers, team and Community


Support comes in different forms:

  • 1:1 visits at the bedside for persons at end-of-life
  • Individual resident's family support meetings
  • Support meetings for loved ones of persons residing in the same care community
  • Workshops for facility care providers
  • Grief support and peer groups for care facilities 
  • Workshops/grief support groups for agencies and businesses in the Community
  • Grief support groups for the Community public