LeAne Austin, RN, EOLD, NEDA Proficient

Wing‚Äčed Journey Life Care 


End-of-Life Doula Care Services

Personal Doula Care Special Fees

*Initial Intake Fee = $150

*Retainer fee for start of Services = $500. This is separate from the Initial Intake Fee

*Advance Care Planning = $250

*Individualized Packages for groups of services = vary based on desired services

*Family Education Programs = varies based on programs desired


Personal Doula Service Fees

*Fee for hourly Doula services = $100/hr; billed rounded to the nearest quarter hour

*For personal Doula Services where routine home visits are requested, but not required, weekly 1-hour visits scheduled monthly = $300/month.

*Weekly 1 hour phone visits scheduled monthly = $200/month.

*Some services do not require on-site visit. Non-medical services only.

RN Consult


*RN Service Fees:

$125 per hour for RN services; rounded to the nearest quarter hour. 

*For RN Services where routine home visits are requested, but not required, weekly 1 hour visits scheduled monthly = $400/month.

*Weekly 1 hour phone visits scheduled monthly = $300/month.

* Some services do not require on-site visits.

Medical services are included.  Services can be provided in any setting.

Educational Services

Workshops and education for care providers, agencies, and businesses provided as individual workshops are provided at the following rates: 

* 30 minute workshops $50

* 60 minute workshops $80

* Workshop bundles may be purchased at a reduced fee.  

Educational services provided as a part of a Contract are provided at the Contracted hourly rate. 

Community Workshops

Workshops for Community libraries, local pre-college schools, Community Centers and other public service organizations may be provided without fee.

Requests for regular workshops or presentations or those for colleges, seminars and conferences may be negotiated for a fee. Fees may include costs for presenting, materials and travel expenses, when applicable.

Support Groups

Support/discussion (not counseling) groups with care providers, agencies, and businesses can be included as part of contracted services or provided per diem. 

Guest presentations and participation at support meetings held by other providers, agencies or businesses will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Education, Workshop and Support Fees

Generally, when providing services to any care community, agency or business, support/discussion groups are part of the Services Contracts.  

Any costs, such as for learning materials or expenses for travel, are in addition to Contracted fees.

It is my desire to provide services 

to residents, families and staff of our Care Communities, to agencies, businesses and our local Community which will support spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Regarding Doula and Nursing Services, I understand that some individuals may not be able to afford full fees for my services. I do not wish to deny services to anyone. I am willing to work with persons in these special circumstances, as I am able. Also, I will accept donations to help cover costs for persons who are unable to afford some of the costs of services. 

Donations are accepted through Paypal at [email protected]

Winged Journey Life Care Services and End-of-Life Doula Care Services does not and shall not discriminate or base services upon the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, national or ancestral origin, disability, marital, financial or military status.