LeAne Austin, RN, EOLD, NEDA Proficient

Wing​ed Journey Life Care and      

End-of-Life Doula Care Services

Client, Family and Community Education

Knowledge is a powerful thing!

Education helps us better understand our health and what has the greatest impact on it.   

When we understand how our bodies work, how to live a healthier lifestyle, how to recognize when we are getting 

sick and when to seek help, we will be more successful at our overall wellness. 

You and Your Family

As an individual, or working as a team with your family, we can identify your health challenges, and create a plan that focuses on mobilizing your physical and emotional resources to improve your health and maintain your wellness.


So, Any of These Sound Interesting?​

  • Advance Care Planning: More than CPR
  • Creative Cooking for Special Diets
  • Talking to Your Health Care Provider
  • Home Safety - Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Creating a Home Care "Care Plan"
  • Safe Medication Management
  • Alternatives to Medication in Pain Management

Please let me know about any topics that interest you and I am happy to provide a presentation for you, your friends, family, coworkers, team and Community

  • Exercise is for Everyone
  • Writing "Love" Letters
  • The "D" Word - Talking about Death and Dying
  • Disease-specific classes
  • Others courses of interest

Education isn't just about  physical health.  It also includes mental health.  

And it involves you and everyone involved in your care, including your loved ones and members of your Care Team.

Topics such as: 

  • Stress Management Basics
  • Grieving: Coping with Loss
  • Tips for Managing Anxiety
  • 5-Minute Meditations
  • Food and Mood: The Impact of Nutrition
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Other topics focused on Mental Health


Covid guidelines will be respected.