LeAne Austin, RN, EOLD, NEDA Proficient

Wing‚Äčed Journey Life Care and      

End-of-Life Doula Care Services

Home Nursing Care


Support for Acute and Chronic Illness

As an RN, I understand how challenging it can be managing your health needs at home.  It makes a difference when someone can come to your home and assist with managing your medications, monitoring your health needs, providing basic nursing care 

and by giving you information that helps you to be in better control of your  medical care. 

I also know how difficult it is to deal with a serious illness, whether it is something new or something that you have been dealing with for a long time - for you or one of your loved ones.


You may feel at a loss for how to manage that   illness, or have questions and do not who to ask. More challenging is that you may not know what questions to ask. 

 Having someone with you, to provide support and guidance, makes getting through a serious illness more manageable, whether at home, in the hospital or in another care setting. 

As I provide for your Home Nursing Care and Support needs, I can: 

  • Sit down with you and talk about your health needs and goals;
  • Work with you to develop a care plan that will help manage your health conditions to promote your comfort and well-being; 
  • Review the medical records you provide, including your medications, to help formulate your care plan; 
  • Complete ongoing basic physical assessments to monitor how things are going with your health;
  • Communicate information about your health status to your physician and other health providers, such as Home Health, Palliative Care or Hospice, as indicated/appropriate;
  • Educate you about your medical conditions, medications, labs and other topics upon your request; 
  • Help you set up your medications, set up a schedule for ordering them or make arrangements for automatic refills to make sure that you don't miss any doses;
  • Assist with monitoring of blood pressures, blood glucose with your monitoring device, basic wound care, diabetic nail care, skin checks and other nursing cares; 
  • Other services as needed/requested


I know that COVID is scary. 

Please note that I AM VACCINATED and practice safely according to the CDC Infection Control guidelines.